ATSER provides another lower cost construction management alternative to augment your staff. Use of ATSER's Project Control Services will empower owners concerned about controlling risk by monitoring the cost, schedule, and quality on an as-needed basis. ATSER Project Control Services (PCS) augments your project manager with additional staff or brings in ATSER software technology for more efficiency within existing resource constraints. ATSER's PCS approach is a cost effective way to improve the efficiency of your existing staff at a fraction of the cost of full service construction management and allows you to retain control of your operations.

Our Project Control Services include:
• Implementing of a Web-Based Team Collaboration Tool
• Executing of Independent Audits and Oversight Inspections
• Performing Document Control and Management
• Maintaining Consolidated Project Status-Cost & Schedule
• Monitoring Team Member Performance
• Performing Issue Tracking, Trend Analysis, and Forecasting
• Providing a Requirements Management and Audit Systems
• Implementing Quality Verification Testing Programs
• Performing Contract Compliance Audits