Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX)
Colorado Department of Transportation
Denver, Colorado

The Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX) is the first multi-modal transportation project of its kind. When finished in 2008, the T-REX project will provide new light rail transit and almost 17 miles of highway. With a $1.67 billion design-build program, T-REX is the largest transportation design-build project in U.S. history.

As project consultant, ATSER supports the Southeast Corridor Constructors (SECC) and the CDOT Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX) Team with construction management and materials testing and analysis services on Denver's T-REX project. ATSER provides Quality Management services and our electronic quality assurance program Assure-IT™ is an integrated part of the Quality Oversight Program.

Interstate 15 Reconstruction
Utah Department of Transporation
Salt Lake City, Utah

ATSER was contracted to provide project management services including quality management services and construction inspection and materials testing services for the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) on the I-15 Reconstruction Project. At the time it was the largest transportation design-build contract ever awarded in the United States, consisting of 17.3 miles of roadway, 142 bridges, more than 5 million cubic yards of fill and 2.5 million square yards of concrete pavement.

Because the aggressive production levels averaged $1 million of construction daily to remain on schedule, the team required an efficient method to evaluate the enormous amounts of quality data. ATSER developed a “paperless” Quality Management System (QMS™) to collect and consolidate huge volumes of inspection and materials test data from multiple sources. ATSER's Assure-IT™ was critical in achieving this high level of quality management with this accelerate construction schedule

ATSER was also commissioned to develop the quality management plan for construction. The plan incorporated the use of the QMS to effectively collect, monitor and statistically evaluate each element of quality management: Quality Control (QC), acceptance, owner's verification and Independent Assurance (IA). This plan ensured the highest standards of quality were maintained throughout the life of the project.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge
Washington Department of Transportation
Tacoma, Washington

ATSER was selected by the Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) to provide quality management services for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Project. This $849 million project will add a second suspended bridge over the Tacoma Narrows waterway 30 miles southwest of Seattle.

ATSER prepared a Quality Assurance Procedure for Construction (QAPC) detailing responsibilities for every aspect of construction quality. The QAPC details procedures for the DOT and the design-builder team to track material and workmanship quality. ATSER also implemented a customized version of its flagship, web-based, quality management system, Assure-IT™. This system enables capture, reporting and analysis of all relevant quality data from testing laboratories and directly from the field. Handheld computers, pre-programmed with test forms and inspection checklists, provide the link between the field inspection and the central laboratory database.