Parking Lot Development Program
University of Houston, Central Campus
Houston, Texas

This phase of the University's $2.2 million parking lot program encompassed professional design, engineering, and construction services for three separate parking lots under an accelerated schedule representing 1,800 parking spaces.

ATSER assembled a professional, technical and administrative team experienced in environmental remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils, asphalt paving techniques, surveying, geotechnical investigation, parking lot layout, design and design documents, renovation and construction of storm water and utility systems, curb and sidewalk construction, lighting layout and installation, signage and striping, material testing, QA / QC, construction inspection and construction contract administration. In order to accommodate students for the fall semester, ATSER had five months from initial survey to parking lot availability. ATSER and the University agreed on a design-build approach to allow for the tight delivery date, a challenge compounded by the devastation resulting from Tropical Storm Allison.

ATSER developed the UH Parking Lot Design Standards Manual for application to existing and future parking facilities at the Central Campus whicb was subsequently incorporated into the UH Standards Manual.

Bond Program
Pasadena Independent School District
Pasadena, Texas

This project includes the construction of 13 new high schools, as well as renovations on existing Pasadena Independent School District buildings. ATSER is providing construction materials testing and inspection services. ATSER engineers, inspectors and technicians are utilizing our latest handheld technology, Assure-IT™, to generate field testing and inspection reports. Reports are posted to the ATSER web site, allowing construction management team members password protected access to the project information.

Eisenhower 9th Grade Center for Education
Aldine Independent School District
Aldine, Texas

ATSER was commissioned to provide geotechnical engineering and materials testing for an education center on the Eisenhower campus. The building, fully equipped with the latest technology, houses classrooms, laboratories and teaching theaters. ATSER performed extensive materials testing for the building and parking areas surrounding the facility. The scope of the testing program included pavement subgrade, compaction testing, asphalt testing, building foundation inspection, utility backfill testing, select fill testing, concrete pavement testing, miscellaneous concrete testing, structural steel testing and inspection, paint coating thickness testing, sprayed fire proofing testing and masonry testing.