Assure-IT™ is a web-based quality management system that allows you to collect and statistically analyze real-time laboratory/field testing and inspection information. Assure-IT™ reduces administrative costs by electronically collecting information, effectively eliminating transcription cost and countless hours spent gathering and processing quality records, identifying trends, and creating status reports.  Assure-IT™ enables you to establish a proactive Quality Management Program.

Key Features include:
• Handheld Computer Inspections and Field Reporting
• Manage QA/QC Process
• Comprehensive Statistical Data Analysis
• Compliance Audit Management
• Process Control Charts
• AASHTO/ASTM Test Methods
• Producer/Supplier Management
• Non-Conformance Alerts and Reporting
• Dispatch and Field Services Management
• Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
• Pay Factor and Percent Within Limits (PWL)
• Standardized Reporting of Quality Records
• Electronic Checklist, Specifications, and Drawings

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